UPDATE: The Grand Staff School of Music remains committed stopping the spread of Covid-19. In order to help students maintain their skills a​nd keep progressing, we have made online lessons available. With Stage 3 coming into effect, we are making preparations for restarting in-person lessons however online lessons will continue as normal. More information and dates will be available soon! 

For details, please call 905-597-0772. For more information,click here >>.

LESSONS & Online lessons

All lessons are private, one-on-one weekly lessons. However, students may request to book lessons for more than once a week depending on their level. The levels accepted are beginner, intermediate or advanced.

performance opportunities

The Grand Staff School of Music is proud to offer performance opportunities to all students. We look forward to seeing our students on stage every year as they display their incredible achievements. All students are encouraged to participate in all recitals and concerts that the school offers. Besides the annual tradition of the December Holiday Concert, the school organizes a number of recitals throughout the year.

Preparation for RCM Exams is available. The Grand Staff teachers follow the RCM curriculum, unless otherwise instructed, and send students for RCM examinations multiple times a year with Honors and Honors with Distinction results. We view examinations as an incredible opportunity for students who want to further their learning and be even more inspired through strong goals and good challenges.

rcm Examinations


At the Grand Staff School of Music we believe that every student is unique. Everyone learns in their own way, so it takes a good teacher to help you learn in the best way possible. Lessons at the Grand Staff are tailored to each individual student in order to have the most effective progress. Theoretical elements such as understanding of notation and rhythm are included in all lessons.