UPDATE: The Grand Staff School of Music is resuming in-person lessons on September 8th, 2020 while taking all necessary precautions. Those wishing to continue their online lessons or begin online lessons are welcome to do so. We wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe Back-to-School!

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Online Music Lessons

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Instruments offered in online lessons:

  • Piano

  • Cello

  • Violin

  • Theory

The Teachers

Online Music Lessons FAQs

The lessons

The Grand Staff School of Music is committed to offering first-class music education. We are always looking for ways to make the highest quality of music education accessible to everyone. During this social distancing time, the efforts to keep normality in our daily lives is more important than ever. Online music lessons provide the opportunity to upkeep the music and instrumental skills as well as create structure and routine in the daily life.

We know that in-person contact is at the cornerstone of music lessons and education, however, the wonder of technology gives students a chance to find new ways of learning by refining their listening skills and maintaining their music education progress.

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The Grand Staff School of Music teachers are seasoned, professional pedagogues who have extensive experience in their field and have been able to modify their teaching methods to adjust to the online music lessons. The Zoom or Skype lessons cover elements of technique, rhythm, accuracy, posture, and even interpretation because of the teachers' incredible expertise to communicate and continue to customize their students' lessons even though the virtual world. Detail-oriented instruction and a commitment to growth and progress remains at the core of the Grand Staff  teachers!

The instruments

The online lessons are conducted through Zoom or Skype. All lessons are once a week and it is recommended that the student have a notebook ready for the teacher's instructions. The schedule for online lessons is flexible but different than in-person lessons.