“MY KIDS LOVE their music lessons!”

When Jennifer enrolled her daughter for piano, she wasn't sure what to expect. After only a few lessons though she could see incredible progress.

“She is learning so much and enjoys practicing! She loves her teacher!"

Jennifer later enrolled her son for cello as well.

We offer music lessons for all levels and ages! From kids, to adults and seniors. Choose among the instruments and pick the one you would love to learn! RCM Preparation available.

Piano Lessons in Thornhill

Academic Recital 2017

NEWs events & more!

Congratulations to all the students for their amazing performances!

Our excellent teaching staff offer the best music education. University trained musicians and experienced teachers with a strong background in teaching and performing music.

  • professional standards
  • friendly environment
  • dedication to teaching
  • convenient location
  • performance opportunities
  • rcm exam preparation
  • all levels welcome

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The Grand Staff School of Music is an established music school in Thornhill and a jewel to the community. Founded by a family of professional musicians, the Grand Staff offers first class music education.