UPDATE: The Grand Staff School of Music is resuming in-person lessons on September 8th, 2020 while taking all necessary precautions. Those wishing to continue their online lessons or begin online lessons are welcome to do so. We wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe Back-to-School!

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Mr. David is a graduate of Carleton University with a Bachelor of Music in Classical Piano Performance. As an instructor, composer, and performer, David dedicates his life to music. From an early age he studied piano and music theory at the Royal Conservatory of Music and attended St. Michael’s Choir School, receiving extensive vocal training. With many years of teaching experience, David also performs regularly at weddings and in bands on multiple instruments.


Mr. Bashkim is the principal and head of the strings department at the Grand Staff School of Music. With a career of almost four decades as a professional cellist, teacher and highly sought after musician, Mr. Bashkim - Mr. B – is regarded as a pedagogue of the highest caliber. After studying with well-known Albanian cellist Ymer Skenderi and graduating from the University of Arts of Albania, he became head of the strings department and cello teacher at the Artistic School “Naim Frasheri” in the city of Vlora. Mr. Bashkim has been a member and assistant principal cellist of the Athens Symphony Orchestra in Greece and one of the top collaborators with world class Greek artists and singers such as Yiannis Parios. Mr. Bashkim is one of now few teachers in the world who possess the unique talent in pedagogy where they can teach anybody and everybody and they can teach them in a way that they, most importantly, love the cello and music.

Miss Eriona Maria is a music teacher and writer on music education, practice motivation and pedagogical techniques in the private lesson. She is a children's book author of "Orpheus and the Strings", a graduate of York University with a Masters degree in Education, a graduate of the University of Toronto Faculty of Music with a Bachelor of Music in Performance, a graduate of York University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a graduate of the College of DuPage in Chicago with an Associate Degree in Arts. As a musician and a teacher, she is passionate and committed to passing on her love of music and learning.

With over 16 years of teaching experience in piano and cello, Miss Eriona Maria can blend the enjoyment of learning and making music with the importance of regular practice and persistence in the learning process. Her extensive teaching experience of the RCM curriculum enables her students to successfully complete RCM exams both on piano and cello with outstanding marks. 

Outside the classroom, she is the head coordinator for school recitals, concerts and class performances. She also writes regularly on numerous aspects of music education and has published articles for the Canadian Music Educators Association Journal, the Ontario Music Educator's Association Journal, the Canadian Music Teacher Magazine and the Canadian Teacher Magazine.

Mrs. Vera is the head of the piano department at the Grand Staff School of Music. Her extensive knowledge and experience in music pedagogy has made her one of Toronto’s best in her field for piano, music theory, harmony and history and chorus conducting. Right after graduating from the University of Arts of Albania, she was accepted into the University’s faculty and served as professor of Classical History. For over a decade she also drafted a number of the University’s textbooks and was a regular contributor on weekly radio broadcasts for music. Mrs. Vera has taught piano, music theory and choir in three languages over the past 38 years. Her lessons are geared towards establishing a solid foundation for her students and while many teachers may be able to provide that foundation it takes a special and gifted type of teacher like Mrs. Vera to maintain the up keeping of the students’ progress from very beginner levels to advanced and beyond. Mrs. Vera’s students who decide to take RCM exams on piano or theory successfully achieve their goals and exceed their own expectations by reaching results that of First Class Honours and/or First Class Honours with Distinction. Also note that the average result of all of Mrs. Vera’s theory students (on any level) is an astonishing 99.5%.

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Mr. Jim is a distinguished violinist and guitar teacher in Toronto. With over 35 years of teaching experience and an international performing career touring Europe and China, Mr. Jim is a passionate musician and educator. His lessons are tailored towards proper technique, intonation and musicality for each student's good progress.