Cello lessons: Online & in-person

The Grand Staff is proud to offer the best online cello lessons available. The lessons are conducted through Zoom or Skype and cover posture, intonation, rhythm, articulation, practice techniques, musicianship, cello tuning, and more! The Grand Staff cello teachers rely on decades of teaching expertise to continue to perfectly customized cello lessons even online!

Every student is different. That is why every lesson is customized to the specific needs and talents of every student in terms of playing the cello, listening, observing, as well as developing the skills to read music.

Online Cello lessons

For more information and schedules for cello lessons, call 905-597-0772 or click here >>

UPDATE: The Grand Staff School of Music is resuming in-person lessons on September 8th, 2020 while taking all necessary precautions. Those wishing to continue their online lessons or begin online lessons are welcome to do so. We wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe Back-to-School!

For more information, please call 905-597-0772 or click here >>.

The Cello Lessons

The Grand Staff School of Music is proud to offer the highest level of cello lessons for all levels including RCM Examinations preparation on all levels. Thanks to the school's two outstanding professional cello teachers, the Grand Staff School of Music is proud to have one of the strongest cello classes in Toronto.

The cello lessons include proper posture, learning notation, rhythm, music fundamentals, bow technique, left hand intonation, stage presence, concert preparation, Exam preparation and of course, having some fun with cello duets and making music!

Levels accepted: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced