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Online Piano Lessons are available on Zoom and Skype for ages 5 and up. Online lessons are perfect for keeping up the skills and progress while also setting new goals and expanding the learning horizons of the piano even while at home! The lessons focus on creativity, notation, confidence, steady progress and setting goals! 

The Grand Staff School of Music offers the highest level and professionalism in piano education. Every classroom in the school is equipped with high quality, upright Yamaha pianos for all piano lessons. Our University trained and experienced piano teachers are committed to first rate music education and are able to adjust their methods to suit each individual student.

All lessons include expert instruction on posture, notation, rhythm, practice tips, theory homework, musical expression, interpretation, stage performance training and more!

PIANO lessons

The Grand Staff School of Music prepares piano students for Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations multiple times a year. All students must meet the requirements of the Exam grade in order to receive permission to an examination. The Grand Staff piano students are proud to hold some of the highest scores in RCM examinations thanks to the outstanding work of the piano teachers. For more information on RCM Examinations students and parents must consult with a teacher. RCM Examinations are an great way to gain motivation, goal oriented attitude, and a deeper understanding of learning a specific instrument.

Online Piano lessons

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Music Lessons Award Winner